FPL Gameweek 38 Team Reveals | See What the Experts are Doing in DGW38

Fergi222 | Sat 21 May 2022
fantasy premier league team reveals gameweek 36

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  • @Gheorghe Manea

    Jul 26 at 2:19PM

    When and how do we get to find out what their team reveals?


    Jul 30 at 10:19PM

    will be via the youtube channel pal, make sure to subscribe to FFH

  • @Clive Kenyon

    Jul 31 at 10:26AM

    Do you guys seriously think that DCL is a serious option? Fixtures aside Everton are seriously lacking in midfield and we have seen them fail to make the best of easy opening fixtures before. Apart from Digne who is going to supply him?

  • @Andrew Loughman

    Aug 18 at 6:35PM

    Is Michael Coone not doing a GW2 team reveal. Seems he has disappeared from the “Coming Soon” list???


    Aug 19 at 7:53PM

    Yes he said he will only be doing it for the first week if I am not wrong.

  • @David Markwei

    Sep 23 at 6:9PM

    How come no one is talking about Edouard from Crystal Palace? That guy seems to be a threat every time he’s with the ball.


    Mar 5 at 10:48AM

    He has to be on the pitch to have the ball. He is nowhere near nailed with Benteke, Mateta and Zaha all starting up front ahead of him in recent times

  • @Gheorghe Manea

    Sep 24 at 3:11PM

    Seems like everyone is leaving it till the last minutes.

  • @Boris Buric

    Jan 13 at 5:30PM

    24h until GW22 deadline, all articles are still about DW21? :(

  • @james.bond

    Apr 8 at 3:47AM

    Bring back RSS feeds

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