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  • @Ste H

    Feb 27 at 4:11PM

    Awesome! Best software out there for fantasy chat

  • @Gcastell

    Feb 27 at 4:23PM

    How do I sign up? I am already a member

    @Will Thomas

    Feb 27 at 4:36PM

    Hi @gcastell, If you’re a member, you’ll be able to see a sign up form?


    Feb 27 at 4:46PM

    I do but after I enter my name and email, I press the button and nothing happens

  • @claire

    Mar 4 at 4:22PM

    Hi Will, I tried to be invited and used a link you placed below.
    Any reason why i can’t get in?


    Mar 4 at 5:6PM

    its ok i am in now thank you

  • @ianccooper

    Sep 10 at 2:12PM

    Hi. Trying to join slack group but it’s asking me for hub email and password which I enter but can’t log in with

    @Will Thomas

    Sep 10 at 2:23PM

    Hi @ianccooper,

    You’ll need to sign up to Slack? This is not your hub user name and email

  • @jjshacks13

    Jun 12 at 10:40PM

    I’ve just signed up for the free trial but i can’t access any content.

    @Will Thomas

    Jun 13 at 8:53AM

    Hi @jjshacks13. Sorry you’re having issues – can you let me know device and browser? I’ll try to get this sorted ASAP

    @Will Thomas

    Jun 13 at 9:10AM

    Just to follow up @jjshacks13.
    Your transaction with our payment gateway failed. We’ve had a few issues like this over the last 48hours and we’re not sure why it’s occurring at the moment, but I’ve manually set you up with a free trial, so you should be able to access the site now?
    If you could come back to us with the browser and device you used that should help us figure out the issue for future users?
    Many thanks


    Jun 13 at 9:47AM

    Thanks Will, I’m using chrome on my desktop or Chrome on my android phone.

  • @GoldenDurotrige

    Jun 13 at 8:39AM

    Hi, I just signed up with the 90 day offer code but I can’t see anything in the subscriptions tab, and can’t access any of the articles; the site is askeing me to log in, even though i’ve just been through the new member video? I’ve now done it twice……Can someone help?

    @Will Thomas

    Jun 13 at 8:52AM

    Hi James, sorry about this – will continue our conversation via Twitter

  • @dmfantasyhub

    Jun 17 at 11:21AM

    Last decision to make in my Bench boost team: Sterling and Saka or Grealish and Mahrez? any help? Thanks!! (looking to protect lead)

  • @brummy123

    Jul 1 at 11:43PM

    How do you get your money back after free trial, been trying for days and would’nt load? Is there an email to contact?

    @Will Thomas

    Jul 2 at 7:46AM

    Hi @brummy123

    Sorry you’re having issues. What wouldn’t load?

    Our contact page is here: https://cms.fantasyfootballhub.co.uk/hello/

  • @gilders

    Jul 16 at 10:53AM

    Hi Will,
    Just had an email stating that my subscription will auto renew in a few days, but there is no mention of the cost.

    Will it be the same as last year (£17.99)?

    @Will Thomas

    Jul 16 at 11:20AM

    Hi @gilders,

    Best to contact us via here for account questions: https://cms.fantasyfootballhub.co.uk/hello

    But yes, subscriptions are auto-billed every 12 months at the price you signed up at

  • @schmacz

    Aug 16 at 5:35PM

    Trying to join slack and its saying somethings amiss with your invite, please contact your org owner for help. Second link prompts to login but not sign up.

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 17 at 6:3PM

    Sorry about this. Should be working now

  • @thapelom

    Aug 16 at 7:46PM


    How do I join the slack group? I don’t see a link

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 17 at 6:3PM

    Sorry about this. Should be working now – see the link in the article

  • @Somar

    Aug 17 at 12:5AM

    Hey there. Link does not work.

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 17 at 6:3PM

    Sorry about this. Should be working now

  • @asrk2698

    Aug 30 at 10:20AM

    Hello Will, I paid my membership fee and became a member, but under subscriptions it says its not active, and that the free sign up is active instead. How do I make the membership active?

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 30 at 10:7PM

    Hi @asrk2698, please contact support for this: https://cms.fantasyfootballhub.co.uk/hello

  • @Ed Rolfe

    Feb 26 at 6:56AM

    Hi, Will.

    Can you please point me to where I download Ben’s spreadsheet?

    I’ve logged in to my account, but cannot see a link to the spreadsheet.



    @Will Thomas

    Mar 15 at 11:21AM

  • @Obie

    Mar 15 at 8:2AM

    This whole year I had been unable to login to FFHub – and when I tried I got a message saying I’m not subscribed. Then suddenly you unexpectedly take $40 from my account and I can login again 10 days from the end of the season!

    can I speak to somebody about this please – there are no links to any direct support from the website or slack

    @Will Thomas

    Mar 15 at 11:18AM

    Hi @obie, really sorry you’ve been having issues. Please contact support via this link and we’ll get this sorted for you: https://cms.fantasyfootballhub.co.uk/hello

  • @David Newman

    Jul 12 at 8:29AM

    I can’t get access to the slack

    @Will Thomas

    Jul 28 at 8:2AM

    Hi David, apologies. I’ve refreshed the link, it should now work?

  • @Oscar Ede

    Jul 25 at 2:31PM

    I am having issues signing up

    @Will Thomas

    Jul 28 at 8:1AM

    Hi Oscar, apologies. I’ve refreshed the link, it should now work?

  • @Paul Hampshire

    Jul 27 at 7:44PM

    cant seem to join it asks for a new link

    @Will Thomas

    Jul 28 at 8:1AM

    Hi Paul, apologies. I’ve refreshed the link, it should now work?

  • @Will Thomas

    Jul 28 at 8:1AM

    Hi Mark, apologies. I’ve refreshed the link, it should now work?

  • @Richard Dogbey

    Aug 12 at 11:1AM

    Hi Will, I’ve been trying to reach out to the team regarding payment of subscription fee. This isn’t relevant to the discussion but I was charged the full amount of a standard package instead of the discount amount. I’m a new member and just signed up today.

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 12 at 11:2AM

    Hi Richard, as you can imagine, our support is very busy at the moment. Please be patient, we will get back to you

  • @Omosegbon Isaac

    Aug 12 at 12:10PM

    I just registered today, and I can’t see any contact of the admin or something, not an official mail.how do I contact you guys, what of when I wana claim prices, how do I contact you guys

  • @Micah Hurt

    Aug 17 at 1:12AM

    Hello. When I try to join the Slack group, it tells me there isn’t an account on Fantasy Football Hub tied to this email address. But I’m using the same email address I signed up with, so I’m not sure why I’m getting that message. Can you help with this?

    Thank you.

  • @Yannis Cannon

    Aug 17 at 2:35PM


  • @Dan Kelly

    Nov 21 at 2:28PM

    Hi, just signed up for free account, will I be able to use the slack channel? Thanks

    @Will Thomas

    Nov 22 at 2:47PM

    Hi Dan, you’ll need to have a standard account to access the Slack channel unfortunately


    Feb 26 at 1:33PM

    On GW26, there were 8 teams which were having double games. But when filtering on that particular GW on OPTA stats tool, I can see data are accumulated for all doubled-game teams except Tottenham (Spurs).
    I believe that displayed data is only for 2nd match with Burnley (even played games column is equal to 1 instead of 2 for Spurs during GW26)
    Sorry for posting this here but I didn’t find comment section there under OPTA stats tool.


    Mar 5 at 3:7PM

    for GW27, there is no record for Everton stats. I believe there is some technical issue with OPTA stats tool. Can you check please?

    @Will Thomas

    Mar 9 at 10:39AM

    Hi, thanks for flagging. We’re aware of some issues with OPTA tool and working on resolving them asap. Thanks for your patience!

  • @Andrew Tymon

    Mar 6 at 12:17PM

    Morning I,m new to the site just got the FPL planner but I also dabble with Dream Team where are the best advice on this site for this

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