FPL Blank Gameweek 27 Team Reveal | FPL Heisenberg

FPL_Heisenberg | Fri 25 Feb 2022
FPL Double Gameweek 34 Team Reveal


  • @Habibi

    Feb 25 at 4:4PM

    I cant see the team


    Feb 25 at 4:26PM

    Yeah, what’s going on, I can’t view any of the teams. The website has been acting odd for a while.

  • @Christopher Smith

    Feb 25 at 4:57PM

    Can’t see anything past last weeks team, this is rubbish.


    Feb 25 at 5:41PM

    something is wrong. website is not working

  • @kennyktitans

    Feb 25 at 5:44PM

    cant see the whole article

  • @Dave3143

    Feb 25 at 6:17PM

    Nothing works on this new site.

  • @Habibi

    Feb 25 at 6:17PM

    Wes bro. Something wrong

  • @Habibi

    Feb 25 at 6:18PM


  • @Alvise Panfilo

    Feb 25 at 6:31PM

    Unacceptable that the service is down on such a key GW. terrible

  • @Harryw

    Feb 25 at 9:40PM

    Agree, website not working !

  • @colonial

    Feb 26 at 7:12AM

    The page is too big across my screen and I cannot reduce it. Something wrong with this web page yesterday

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