FPL Double Gameweek 26 Team Reveal | FPL Matthew

Matthew | Fri 18 Feb 2022
fantasy premier league gameweek 30 fpl team reveal


  • @FPL Comrade

    Feb 18 at 8:18PM

    Any nervousness in only having 7 doubles?


    Feb 18 at 8:36PM

    It is what it is I guess. Any additional moves will cost 4 points and mean taking out one of Cancelo, Foden, Bowen or Bruno, all of whom are useful in their own right this week / next week.

  • @Hank1022

    Feb 18 at 9:36PM

    Interesting that you’re not as heavily invested in Arsenal/Pool assets as everyone else! Good luck, Matthew!


    Feb 18 at 9:46PM

    Yeah, just because I want to get through GW27 without a chip and they’re blanking then. Trying to balance everything but there’s definitely compromises needed to do that. Good luck to you too.

  • @americansoccernut

    Feb 18 at 11:20PM

    Thanks for the good recommendation that we take some time to digest this, and not act too hastily. Be thanksful if you live in a time zone where you can sleep on the latest developments and work on your teams tomorrow! People in North and South America can’t make decisions tomorrow because the transfer deadline occurs at 6:00am or earlier depending on what time zone we live in. I Will just try to optimize my GW 26 and 27 points (inlcuding minimizing my hits) and then wild card in 28 or 29 once I can figure this stuff out. My head hurts!


    Feb 19 at 12:26AM

    Good on you mate…Simialr living here ahead of BST. Meaning that I have to select teams before all the pressers etc etc.Adds another lovely layer of complexity to the game. Good luck mate! If in doubt use the lucky coin flip to decide your course of action..ha ha


    Feb 19 at 9:43AM

    Good luck!

  • @ivan_oglomov

    Feb 19 at 6:43AM

    Good luck for the week!
    With the team below, would you rather BB this week instead of TC Salah, or do you think there will be more interesting weeks to BB? I have WC, 1FH, TC and BB. 1.8M in the bank. I am also leading by 40 pts in my league.

    TAA, Cancelo, Laporte, Tierney, Digne
    Saka, Salah, Raphinha, Bowen, Foden
    King, Maupay, Antonio


    Feb 19 at 9:44AM

    I will probably Bench Boost in GW36 which should be a “big double”. I just can’t resist Salah with those two fixtures, it’s probably the best DGW I can remember

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