FPL Double Gameweek 31 Team Reveal | Rich Clarke

@RichClarke | Fri 01 Apr 2022
gameweek 31 team reveal rich clarke


  • @Rukhaam Mahar

    Apr 1 at 10:25PM

    Great article Rich. Did you end up deciding to take the wild card?

  • @Ben Arkush

    Apr 2 at 2:31AM

    yeah i may follow suit, albeit a few downgrades due to lower team value

  • @FPL_Martian

    Apr 2 at 8:5AM

    Any update on whether you have pressed the wc button rich?

  • @Jonohartles

    Apr 2 at 8:32AM

    i’m actually thinking of doing this myself now. Rich was right the other day on the green arrow – Wild carding in week 34 to set up for 36 would see little benefit. A lot of teams will be able to make transfers to get essentialy the same team for that week. Wild carding now, gives you a much better squad then most others with an easy freehit in 33 if you want where you can bring in United/Lecister etc assets you may not want to own after. Then week 34 rolls around and you’ve got the team that everyone is going to be wild carding into with less points scored over the next 3 weeks.

    Only potential downside of course is if there is a big fixture swing or injuries happen that would hurt the current wild card draft.

    @Big Burtha

    Apr 6 at 11:44AM

    All very well if you have WC & FH still. Most of us do not.

  • @Werner

    Apr 2 at 9:33AM

    Thanks mate

  • @ronaldez

    Apr 8 at 8:18AM

    Unlucky with the previous GW. My worst GW rank so far was 7,326,044 in GW15 when I got 32pts when the average was 43. That hurt!

    On the bright side, your WC is pretty damn good – except for maybe Weghorst who is just the biggest trap ever. I should know, having owned him for the last 7 GWs. However it’s Norwich up next and if you need to break your duck…

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