FPL Gameweek 10 Team Reveal | Rich Clarke

@RichClarke | Fri 29 Oct 2021
FPL Gameweek 10 team reveal

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    Oct 29 at 12:39PM

    Are you starting ESR rather than Mbeumo because you think he has bigger upside or because of the risk concerning Mbeumo’s start ?

    @Kyle Zheng

    Oct 29 at 5:4PM

    Same dilemma. Not sure ESR or Mbeumno to start.


    Oct 30 at 8:57AM

    I think a bit of both Roger, missed ESR’s 13 points last week and mbeumo being a slight doubt makes me think a subs appearance or an early bath is possible.

  • @Lofty1

    Oct 29 at 6:35PM

    Really nice article Rich and I liked the questionnaires that you used to guide your thinking and decision-making process. I’ve applied it to y own teams if that is ok by you? All the best for the weekend and may your arrows be green….


    Oct 30 at 8:57AM

    Thanks bud. Hope it works for your team too.

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