FPL Gameweek 11 Team Reveal | Rich Clarke

@RichClarke | Thu 04 Nov 2021
FPL Gameweek 11 team reveal

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  • @FPLStein

    Nov 4 at 10:41PM

    I think there are a few too many close games this gameweek so I would save the bench boost.

    You don’t really need James this week to field a good starting 11.
    And even if you don’t think you need a Spurs asset quickly, at least having the option to get one by saving an additional transfer is a good idea.


    Nov 4 at 11:31PM

    Thanks Stein,
    I think I will – it just occurred to me that all 14 of my guys could play this week, and with pretty good fixtures. The option to carry and save though is very sensible too, so I’ll have to ride out the James FOMO..

  • @americansoccernut

    Nov 4 at 11:28PM

    What made you start Cancelo away at ManU over Raphinha at home against a not-so-hot Leicester defense (only 4 teams have given up more goals than Leicester)? Is Leicester improving defensively? And only 4 teams have scored more goals that Man U, so I’m not optimistic about getting a clean sheet from Man City. I have a similar dilemma – start Cancelo, or start Jimenez playing away against Crystal Palace?


    Nov 4 at 11:34PM

    Hi, I originally benched Cancelo, in favour of Livramento and Duffy, but then he assisted twice in Europe and to be honest, City should win that game – I agree a clean sheet is not that likely, but I think Cancelo just edges it. Similar dilemma with Raphinha versus ESR v Watford, or Mbeumo v Norwich (best fixture).. my fault for spreading the funds I guess..

    @Christopher Smith

    Nov 5 at 8:36AM

    Cancelo got 3 assists mid week! My bench is currently Raph, Antonio and Livramento… Would you play any of them over Saka, Jimi, Cancelo, Mbeumo?? I think Liverpool have the form to do a job on West Ham. Definitely a tricky one this week.

  • @Pradeep Bharadhwaj

    Nov 5 at 7:38AM

    What about raphinha versus Antonio v liverpool? Reckon Antonio is the better shout for this gameweek?


    Nov 5 at 11:58AM

    see above! am changing it every 5 mins..

  • @Rukhaam Mahar

    Nov 5 at 1:9PM

    Thanks Rich. I have been following your advice and have a similar team. Did you decide finally to use benchboost?


    Nov 5 at 5:34PM

    No – going to save and have two frees after IB..

  • @MacGonsalves

    Nov 5 at 1:17PM

    Hi Rich,

    Excellent article, I think Raphinha needs to start this GW, he’s been Leeds best player last week and in good touch lately. How about dropping Mbeumo and Antonio for Livramento and Raphinha?
    I don’t see Brentford going all over Norwich as Chelsea did, think Norwich would be resilient.
    And Liverpool could be a tough ask for Antonio.

  • @ScouseAfricanFPL

    Nov 5 at 4:8PM

    Great article Rich. I have the same bench dilemma. Raph v Cancelo v Livra. If you look at form over the last 4 and take the fixutres into account you should probably play Livra. But feels wrong benching the other 2. So tough.

  • @will Barton

    Nov 5 at 4:38PM

    Ha. I was just thinking of Bench Boosting myself . I’m 12,823 in the world which is by far my best ever start . My highest finish is 16k. The fact that you are thinking of bench boosting is influencing me. Often in the double game weeks top teams don’t play their players twice so I feel now is as a good a time as any. I also have 12 players you have . My 3 attackers are different to yours . I have Kane, Armstrong and Hwang.I think I’m going to go for it. Though I hate using my chips early. It feels like instant gratification. Heck, I’m going to go for it, unless you think my forward line may suffer. Armstrong may not start I suppose.


    Nov 5 at 5:34PM

    Its a tight call. I’m going to hold mine. Broja may play over Armstrong so consider this..

  • @Rukhaam Mahar

    Nov 5 at 5:25PM

    Thanks Rich. Did you end up deciding to use benchboost?


    Nov 5 at 5:35PM

    No not going to, but glad I discussed it – it certainly could pay off this week.

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