FPL Gameweek 12 Best Transfer Tips | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2021/22

David Wardale | Tue 16 Nov 2021
Best FPL transfers gameweek 12


  • @Thomas Pottiez

    Nov 16 at 1:3PM

    Hi David, great article. I am pondering a mbeumo to Jota/Gallagher switch this gameweek.
    I’m reading everywhere (e.g. https://cms.fantasyfootballhub.co.uk/fpl-gameweek-12-fixtures-vs-form-fpl-tips/) that Jota is the go-to transfer due to the injury to Firmino. What is your opinion on this given the content of your article above?


    Kind regards,

    @David Wardale

    Nov 16 at 4:56PM

    Hi Thomas. Jota is a decent call, but Liverpool’s immediate schedule isn’t that kind – Arsenal and Southampton are in form and then it’s the Merseyside derby. If you’ve already got Salah, do you need more Liverpool cover? Palace have Burnley, Villa and Leeds – better fixtures than Liverpool’s, I reckon. And then there’s price. Jota is 7.5m, Gallagher 5.8m. You could always stick with your Brentford man, of course. Newcastle under Howe will not necessarily be defensively better off. But whatever you do, own it, and good luck!

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