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Matthew | Sat 20 Nov 2021
FPL Gameweek 12 Team


  • @Hank1022

    Nov 11 at 6:45AM

    Same line of thought in terms of Son/Kane dilemma, but looking at Conte’s teams usually the striker scores loads of goals (Lukaku at Inter), also a clip emerged of Conte talking as a pundit saying that Kane should be played closer to the goal and he doesn’t like it when he tracks back. Another point that tips Kane over Son is the easy transfer to Cristiano later for the Spurs/United fixture swing.

    Adding James to your team is very tantalizing though, owning the trio of Trent, Cancelo and James would really make this a “Fantasy” game.


    Nov 11 at 5:39PM

    Yes, at this point, I agree with your assessment of Kane over Son. It would be difficult for me to add James to those ones I already have in defence. I do wonder if I’ll regret getting Ederson on Wildcard,

    @Daniel Poerio

    Nov 16 at 12:0PM

    Been pondering this myself regarding downgrading Ederson. Although I can’t help but think a city double up with Cancelo over the festive period could be quite lucrative. Really tough decision.

  • @Elephant321

    Nov 16 at 8:41PM

    Hi Matthew, thanks for the insights. I have a very similar team to you before this weeks transfers – except instead of Ederson I still have Sanchez. Just wondering what your thoughts would have been if you had stuck with Sanchez? With him being suspended this weekend would you have just played Foster (Man U H) or would you take the extra hit to replace Sanchez? Unfortunately I only have 1 FT this week and want to bring Kane in – have been eyeing up this run of fixtures for a while for Kane. Just not sure if it’s worth a hit 1. getting rid of Sanchez and bringing in someone like Ramsdale (though bad fixture this week) or 2. Keep Sanchez playing foster and switching Mbuemo for Gallagher or Smith-Rowe. 3. Am I just better off sticking with the one Kane transfer and saving the -4 hit. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Best of luck with the gameweek


    Nov 16 at 8:46PM

    Hi, what a pain with Sanchez! At least its only one week though. I think I would just play Foster this week if it was me, and probably just the Kane transfer. Not sure that the other transfers are worth a hit this week


    Nov 16 at 9:25PM

    A pain alright – very inconsiderate of Sanchez to get himself sent off! Not thinking of us FPL managers and causing a selection headache!! Thanks appreciate it – I’ll just stick with Sanchez and save taking a hit. Best of luck with the gameweek

  • @Hank1022

    Nov 19 at 12:38PM

    Hi Matthew, with the onslaught of fixtures in the coming weeks, don’t you think having a thin bench could be risky? Teams with depth like Chelsea and City could rotate alot of players, so maybe it is better to have a strong bench with players like Mbeumo. Have you considered downgrading Ederson to a cheaper gk to facilitate the Kane transfer instead?

  • @Stir

    Nov 19 at 2:2PM

    Looks like James McArthur has been red flagged. Torn between Hayden or Normann as an alternative 4.5m player. What are your thoughts between these 2? Both have decent fixtures (not like I’d expect a goal from either of them)

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