FPL Gameweek 13 Team Reveal – FPL Matthew

Matthew | Tue 23 Nov 2021
FPL Gameweek 13 Team


  • @topgunner

    Nov 23 at 8:17PM

    Always a great read, would you keep Benteke on your watchlist? I’m tempted to get him in for Antonio to allow Mbeumo to Jota..


    Nov 23 at 8:58PM

    Yeah, maybe, him or King are good value punts.

  • @Hank1022

    Nov 23 at 9:44PM

    Chilwell’s injury looks pretty bad, if Raphina doesn’t recover you will be in a really tough spot!


    Nov 24 at 9:10PM

    Yes, what a pain! After the McArthur injury out of nowhere, I am not getting much luck lately. Added some thoughts above

  • @Toby Elgood

    Nov 24 at 9:27AM

    Always look forward to this article. What are your thoughts on Jota? I’m considering Chilly and Raph -> Reg and Jota this week


    Nov 24 at 9:11PM

    Yes, decent moves. I’ve added some further thoughts after the Chilwell injury

  • @SDA_96er

    Nov 24 at 2:51PM

    Will you consider Foden to Jota if Foden plays a full 90 mid week ?

  • @Fpl atown

    Nov 26 at 11:25AM

    If you had the funds, would you go for James instead of Reguilon/Alonso?


    Nov 26 at 11:33AM

    Of course he would. That’s pretty much what’s causing this predicament for him.


    Nov 26 at 1:7PM


  • @zmazhar

    Nov 26 at 11:34AM

    Ramsdale and James for -4 is the play here for you Matt!

  • @Elephant321

    Nov 26 at 1:39PM

    Thanks Matthew – in a similar position. Have a very similar team except instead of Ederson have Sanchez and instead of McArthur have Mbeumo. Wanted to upgrade Mbeumo (5.6) to Gallagher (6.0) with my 0.4 in the bank. Chilwells injury has put a spanner in the works. If I bring in James I’d be 0.2 short of Gallagher. Afraid if I bring in Alonso that he may be dropped for Azpi (not sure Tuchel fully trusts Alonso defensively). So a bit of a conundrum. Feel like it would be a shame to miss out on Gallagher at the same time as his price is only going up and is bringing steady returns but not sure I’m prepared take the risk on Alonso or to lose a more expensive asset like Raphinia for a -4 to bring him in…


    Nov 26 at 9:52PM

    I would just get James personally


    Nov 27 at 12:50AM

    Thanks Matthew – went with James. Have a good gameweek

  • @Babi Evans

    Nov 26 at 6:8PM

    Hi Sir. Hope you are good. Sir please can you help me with your Telegram account please I need your help in FPL! And I think you are the one to help me


    Nov 26 at 9:51PM

    Say what?

    @Babi Evans

    Nov 26 at 10:18PM

    Sir what I mean is that do you have any means I can message you?

  • @americansoccernut

    Nov 26 at 10:32PM

    Thanks for the great list of options, and thanks for always publishing something early in the week. I made the same trades. Man City attackers have been some sort of addictive bad habit that have cost me dearly for the last 2 years with little benefit, and now I have finally found the courage to admit that I have a problem and swear them off for good. Your bench (like mine and many others) might benefit from being shored up – is Livramento for Lamptey a good idea for next week? In my case lose .1 because I only get 4.3 for selling Livramento, and Lamptey is only 4.4 with better fixtures, better chances for clean sheets, and possibly a better chance for attacking returns?

  • @zmazhar

    Nov 27 at 2:50AM

    If you already had James would you still do Foden to Jota? I am debating if I should use that as my transfer or carry over a transfer to next game week.

  • @Pradeep Bharadhwaj

    Nov 27 at 9:5AM

    Thanks Matt, great read as always. I managed to get in James for chillwell by downgrading mbeumo to brownhill with 2 FTs. Pondering a -4 for foden to Jota.. is it worth it with Duffy as first sub (not the worst but is a bit meh). Currently leaning on not, rather delay a -4 if any for GW14 to potentially enable a Chelsea double up (Alonso). Thoughts?

  • @Amer Hadzihasanovic

    Nov 27 at 10:39AM

    Hi, raphina or foden to start?

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