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Abdul Rehman | Tue 30 Nov 2021
FPL Gameweek 38 Team Reveal

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  • @Bradlee Bayliss

    Nov 30 at 1:36PM

    I have the same team as you bar;
    Dias (I have reguillon)
    Raphinha (I have foden)

    Who would you transfer foden out for?
    (0 mill in the bank)

    @Abdul Rehman

    Nov 30 at 2:14PM

    IF you have a decent sub you can play him or move on to Gundogan

    @Bradlee Bayliss

    Nov 30 at 2:30PM

    My sub would be mbuemo? Would you stick with him or do foden for gundogan?

  • @Paul Rouse-Sampson

    Nov 30 at 3:10PM

    Hi Abdul. And anyone ready comments.
    Should I move vardy on and bring in kane this game week? I think my plan is to move ro Ronaldo in 2weeks anyway. What’s yours thoughts. OR 1,750.

    @Abdul Rehman

    Nov 30 at 3:35PM

    Think that’s a decent move if you can do it for free.

    @Paul Rouse-Sampson

    Nov 30 at 4:23PM

    Yeah I have the founds. Get a good 2 weeks then.
    What’s your plans for the good utd run? Ronaldo or Bruno? Thanks for the reply

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