FPL Gameweek 14 Team Reveal | Rich Clarke

@RichClarke | Tue 30 Nov 2021
FPL Gameweek 14 team reveal

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  • @MacGonsalves

    Nov 30 at 1:28PM

    Hi Rich,

    What are your thoughts on doubling up on city defence with Kyle Walker instead of Ruben Dias?


    Nov 30 at 2:27PM

    Hi Mac – it could be Ok but I’ve never really considered Walker as Cancelo can play FB on both sides and thats and option if Pep want to starts Zinchenko on the left for instance.

  • @shwaini31@hotmail.com

    Nov 30 at 2:59PM

    I own Shin Duffy, but if I sell it, I can’t buy Alonso, I only have (5.3) What is the best alternative to Shin Duffy?


    Nov 30 at 3:52PM

    I think if I had up to 5.3 I’d probably get Reguillon for a couple of weeks (BUR/NOR) but don’t know how strong your defence is already.. White/Lamptey reasonable cheaper options or even Ben Johnson @ 3.9 if you want cash for upfield. hope this helps.


    Nov 30 at 3:52PM

    BRE/NOR sorry.. must have been the snow.. ;-)

  • @LeaBurgos9

    Nov 30 at 3:1PM

    Hi Rich,

    What do you think about Gundo and Maddison like posible Foden replacements? Or maybe keep Phil one more week… ?


    Nov 30 at 3:47PM

    I’m now going to bench Foden and keep one more week – I think he’ll maybe get some minutes tomorrow night and then possibly start Watford at the w/e. Gundo is a good option – possibly sideways if you have a spare transfer – but I’m thinking of owning both in coming weeks..!


    Nov 30 at 4:11PM

    He’s gone to B3 for me now. ESR 1 / Livra 2. I have updated my article with the new formation and bench.

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