FPL Gameweek 24 Team Reveal | Rich Clarke

@RichClarke | Mon 07 Feb 2022
FPL Gameweek 26 team reveal rich clarke


  • @werdnatrebor11

    Feb 7 at 5:54PM

    Hi Rich, congrats on your lofty position. i would like your expert opinion as a budget enabler who would yiu transfer in ELANGA or RAMSEY?


    Feb 7 at 7:9PM

    Ramsey all the way.


    Feb 7 at 7:47PM


  • @Lofty1

    Feb 7 at 6:27PM

    Thanks Rich – what an incredibly insightful article. Thank you for taking th time to write it. I enjoy, and find helpful, reading your narrative which unpacks your quality decision making process (also hugely enjoy your participation on teh weekly Green Arrow). All the best for your decisions and game week ahead (p.s. Digne / Laporte – nice shout on either. I’ve got both so hedged my bets there lol).


    Feb 7 at 7:10PM

    Thanks Simon – not much between Digne/Laporte – and both makes a lot of sense, despite the absence of immediate doubles.

  • @Babaar

    Feb 7 at 9:4PM

    I’m surprised a spurs defender isn’t in your thinking? Double gameweek and good immediate fixtures.


    Feb 7 at 9:21PM

    I like Ben Davies @ 4.5 – just prefer the fixture run for Villa and Digne’s nailedness

  • @Rcc10

    Feb 7 at 9:7PM

    Great article as always Rich!

    If you didnt own DDG, would you consider Dalot this week over Digne? We basically have the same defence.



    Feb 7 at 9:22PM

    yes, he seems first choice but AWB could still get one of the doubles.

  • @colonial

    Feb 8 at 12:9AM

    The picture of your provisional GW24 team shows a pic from your Transfer page of all 15 players and not GW24 team ???


    Feb 8 at 10:50AM

    will post the line up this afternoon after transfers..

  • @Mohamed Naaish

    Feb 8 at 2:48PM

    Hello Rich
    Im a big fan of you.
    For the next two GW would u rather transfer in mahrez or rashford

    @Richard (APP Account) Clarke

    Feb 8 at 3:33PM

    dont fancy either TBH but Mahrez has shown good form.. may not play both though

  • @Rukhaam Mahar

    Feb 8 at 2:59PM

    Hi Rich. Did you decide on captaincy?

    @Richard (APP Account) Clarke

    Feb 8 at 3:33PM

    not yet.. Jota probably

  • @joshuajones47@googlemail.com

    Feb 8 at 4:22PM

    Any update rich on team and captain?

  • @MacGonsalves

    Feb 8 at 5:18PM

    Hi Rich..Any updates on your second transfer?


    Feb 8 at 6:1PM

    yep – article updated just before 6

  • @Bogdan Secheli

    Feb 8 at 5:43PM

    Great article Rich!
    As of 17:45 (UK time), Salah returned today (Tuesday) to training and he clearly wants to take revenge on the lost AFCON final.
    Also, Liverpool will play Inter Milan in the UCL, not Man City as you stated in the article.


    Feb 8 at 6:6PM

    thanks. corrected to Sporting. I still think Salah gets benched. lets see..

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