FPL Gameweek 3 Team Reveal | Rich Clarke

@RichClarke | Fri 27 Aug 2021
FPL Gameweek 3 team reveal

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  • @benking123

    Aug 26 at 4:54PM

    Hi Rich, been enjoying your insight each week into the upcoming game weeks so far this season, I was wondering if you have put any thought into going for Tomas Soucek over Saïd Benrahma as a bit of a differential?


    Aug 27 at 12:42AM

    Hi – thanks for the kind words! I owned Soucek or almost all of last season and he’s a great 5th mid player – as long as you don’t mind missing out on his points from 1st bench each week..
    I do like Benrahma, but ultimately no player is worth busting your team up for, So Ive gone for the safe play and 2 x frees!

  • @Lofty1

    Aug 26 at 8:11PM

    Hi Rich. Enjoyed this article. My take on things, for what it is worth, is to play sensible. It is a long season. One week it will be Said (he has a couple of good matches that’s all so far), then next round it will be another player. I sit on the data for a few weeks as takes a while for patterns to emerge. I like your team as it is.


    Aug 27 at 12:43AM

    I agree Lofty, I think it is uncertain times and fo0r the sake of a few 0.1’s I’d rather have two frees.. I think thats what I was saying in a long-winded way!

  • @Gheorghe Manea

    Aug 27 at 5:32PM

    Thank you @richclarke , I’ve shaped my team after yours almost because I want to win my mini-league. I’m curios to see how the arrival of Cristiano at Man U will shape your team, more than probable Bruno is out of pen duties and Greenwood out as a striker.


    Aug 27 at 5:40PM

    Thanks Gheorghe! It’s certainly going to be exciting and will shake up the template. United have a lot of options going forward.. this could make their assets less attractive to own. I wonder what price Ronaldo will be..? 12.5 would be my guess.

  • @ronaldez

    Aug 28 at 8:3AM

    I’m glad that a top top manager has gone out without Benrahma this GW because I had the same dilemma about whether to save the FT or go for the Algerian. Barnes has his last chance for me (vs Norwich) and then I think it’s the end of him… and maybe Greenwood/Fernandes due to a certain new player!

    Good luck to you this weekend & thanks for the excellent article!

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