FPL Gameweek 32 Strategy – Using FPL Points as a Metric

RichP_FPL | Thu 07 Apr 2022


  • @Aman Dhiman

    Apr 7 at 5:1PM

    Hello boss

    1 defender place to fill another 1 to chose from below:

    Whom to start considering Allison already in Goal 🥅

    1. Robertson MCI (A)
    Or White BRI (H) or both

    2. Watkins TOT (H) or Fred EVE (A) or none


    Apr 7 at 6:30PM

    Hi mate, I’d play Robbo for his upside (if you have Trent as well then maybe play White)

    And of those two I’d play Watkins

    Good luck!

    @Aman Dhiman

    Apr 8 at 2:23PM

    Can’t play both Robbo and White? Instead of Robbo and Watkins

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