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Matthew | Fri 10 Sep 2021
FPL Matthew's Gameweek 4 Team Reveal. FPL Tips.


  • @danmash

    Aug 30 at 5:8PM

    Great article as always Matt. How do you feel about Bruno to Torres, Ings to Ronaldo? (Considering the fixtures)

    Been contemplating that move for a couple of days.


    Aug 30 at 5:23PM

    considering the exact same moves myself


    Aug 30 at 5:29PM

    Yeah, it’s definitely in my thoughts, especially if City get through the next couple of days without signing a striker.

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Aug 30 at 9:2PM

    just one for further down the line Matt, assuming all goes to plan, is it a good strategy to save your first wildcard for a double game week?

  • @Bailey

    Aug 31 at 1:4AM

    Thanks Matt!
    Is it too risky to consider bringing both Jimenez and Traore in? They have both looked so good and Wolves’ fixtures are great, but they haven’t been clinical. Thoughts?

  • @John Henrik Welle

    Aug 31 at 7:32AM

    Regarding your current set up. It would be interesting to know why you choose Ings instead of Dennis.

  • @Ali AlMakhmary

    Aug 31 at 7:50PM

    Great article Matt , are you planning to remove Tsimikas soon ? His price might drop today or tomorrow.

  • @Stir

    Aug 31 at 8:30PM

    Considering Tsim, Bruno & Ings are all going down in the next few day (The 2 later are .1m right now so would need 2 price drops before losing money which wouldn’t be far off possible..) and I believe Raph will miss the next 3 games due to internationals at a red list country, isn’t any of this pushing to make transfers in the coming days or will you still be holding off?


    Sep 2 at 1:9PM

    an article in app news yesterday said that Raphinha and the other Brazilians in the premier league didn’t show up for the qualifiers. I’m beyond livid! Brazil is my 2nd favorite team. I have Raphinha so my fpl team is ok but I’m not happy about it.

  • @gm1863

    Aug 31 at 10:41PM

    Great article. Adama Traore is a trap though.


    Sep 2 at 1:2PM

    I wonder about Traore too – he has great long runs, seems to be capable, but somehow all of his work fails to generate results. It almost seems like he holds the ball too long even on his successful runs – his teammates don’t know where to position themselves – they don’t seem to be in sync He had similar issues last year even when Pedro Neto was playing. I have him on my watch list but won’t buy him until he has a consistent stretch of goals and assists. He could become a good value player, but I’m not going take a risk without some actual results.

  • @FPL Comrade

    Sep 3 at 6:56AM

    Great article. I’m interested to see how your decisions unfold.

  • @gm1863

    Sep 6 at 10:3AM

    Matthew – any fresh thoughts on Ronaldo?
    The head says wait and see. We don’t yet know if he’ll start, we don’t yet know what the penalty, free kick or corner arrangement will be. It seems absolutely crazy to pay 12.5 for someone with that level of uncertainty for the next game week.
    I do think Ronaldo will be a great FPL option and he will eventually be in my team but I feel people are moving a week too early.
    The evidence suggests a Bruno haul is far more likely than a Ronaldo one against Newcastle yet so many have already used Bruno as their cash-cow to afford Ronaldo.
    Is there something I’m missing here? He could break 20% EO by the time the deadline hits. I do understand the move, I just don’t understand why people have done it NOW.


    Sep 10 at 1:33PM

    It’s a really tough one! It’s sounding to me like he’ll start. A lot of it is the excitement of having Ronaldo for his re-debut – FPL is meant to be fun, right? Another factor for me is – there is bound to be something else we want to do next week, or the week after, is saving this week just delaying a hit?


    Sep 10 at 2:27PM

    oh I’m looking forward to owning Ronaldo for sure it’ll just likely be next week. No risk of 1 point cameo and no need for a hit.
    worth considering a -4 for Ronaldo in a template team will make a green pretty tough.
    Ole said “he’ll definitely be on the pitch at some point, that’s for sure” in presser. does that not scream 30 mins off the bench to anyone?

  • @jonnyhocks

    Sep 10 at 8:51AM

    We’re all waiting in suspense for the reveal!

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Sep 10 at 1:30PM

    Totally agree with gm1863
    re: Ronaldo, id go with same team for GW4 and bring him in for free next week rather than take a hit

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Sep 10 at 2:4PM

    when i said same team i meant no transfers but i would bring in white for Ayling

  • @nicholaslim

    Sep 10 at 3:40PM

    Wouldn’t a home game for Fernandes be a better captain pick compared to Salah?

  • @Brooky

    Sep 10 at 6:16PM

    Nice one Matt nice to see common sense is prevailing in some parts and saving the FT is exactly what I am considering.Too many unknowns this week.

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Sep 11 at 12:1AM

    Hi matt, well that was a surprise to say the least, i have to say I cant see anything about cavani not training or not being in squad, where did you see that?!

    8 point hit is risky but could pay off.
    i know you were looking at bringing in Torres for Fernandes at one time, might have been good to have some man city ownership as we are now loaded with liverpool and man utd players.
    anyhow i decided i was going to follow you blind given your past fpl success , mainly in tye hope of topping my mini league- dont let me down!!!

    @Trent Paul

    Sep 11 at 7:5AM

    Thanks for the preview Matt, love the aggressive trades. Up the upside chasing.


    Sep 11 at 9:31AM

    Losing 8 points is never nice but I see this as an investment – I think this is now a “Wildcard standard” squad and really sets me up, without actually using my Wildcard.

  • @Hank1022

    Sep 11 at 9:34AM

    I’m torn between (-8) to get Jota instead of Bruno or (-4) to get Greenwood, any advise?


    Sep 11 at 11:15AM

    Sorry, I missed this pre deadline but I think that was a very tight decision. Which did you go for?


    Sep 11 at 12:24PM

    No worries, eventually went with Greenwood as Firmino’s injury isn’t as bad as it was feared… the 3rd sub would’ve been Semedo, might get him next gameweek as Wolve’s fixtures brighten up

  • @gm1863

    Sep 11 at 10:32AM

    Surprised. You’ve gone from HnR to -8. Reading too much fpl Twitter on a Friday night ? You’re already giving yourself a huge red.


    Sep 11 at 11:14AM

    I expect a red arrow this week but I think the investment can pay off over the longer term.


    Sep 11 at 12:3PM

    Did similar myself after the leak this morning. That’s what swung it for me.
    good luck!

  • @americansoccernut

    Sep 12 at 1:44PM

    thanks for the good advice as always. It looks like all of your moves are going to pan out. What a day for Ronaldo! What made you decide to wait for the Tsimikas move? On the one hand, you could argue that moving last week would have added a point to your squad for the rest of the season, when Tsimikas was worth 4.2 and the move seemed to be inevtible. On the other hand, you got the benefit of two weeks of information on Livramento and Robertson – if either got injured during the international break, holding off on the move would have had huge benefits? Is that kind of how you made the timing decision?


    Sep 12 at 3:48PM

    Thanks. I just wasn’t sure what moves I was going to do. Up until the Thursday / Friday I was still considering saving. Information was still coming out, then things like Cavani not being in the squad, Firmino being ruled out swayed me towards this.

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Sep 12 at 6:17PM

    Hi matt, every time i have nagging doubts about your strategy you’ve proved me wrong, that said as I’ve mentioned before given your past record it would be foolish not to heed your advice.
    That said Whilst its great to now have a premium forward to rotate with Lukaku and Kane ( as per form and fixtures, Ronaldo is surely fixture proof, so it would be a huge risk dropping him for any game and Lukaku who I feel is really needs to come in sooner rather than later is becoming very hard to ignore and those who’ve adopted the Salah, Lukuka Ronaldo ( 3 premium forwards option) in my mini leagur are closing fast.
    just woderedbif you could shed some light as to whether salah, lukaku, Ronaldo is in your thinking at any point down the line or if you can offer me any kind of reassurance( assuming injuries and unforseen don’t happen that the salah and rotating Ronaldo , Kane and Lukaku is the way to go.
    i understand as you have always pointed out fpl is supposed to be fun, but the fun comes with putting one over on your fpl mini league rivals!!!!


    Sep 12 at 7:15PM

    Hi, I think if I wanted to go with the three premiums it would probably be when I Wildcard – luckily though Chelsea’s fixtures turn good around the time that United’s get tricky so it may be OK

  • @ManchesthairUnited

    Sep 12 at 7:39PM

    Considering a transfer for Antonio?


    Sep 13 at 1:29PM

    I try not to consider anything until at least the current GW is over!

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Sep 13 at 1:11PM

    Hi Matt, I’m just curious to know before you finalise your gameweek strategy, how much are you influenced the views of your fellow elite fpl managers? or do you largely follow your own instincts?


    Sep 13 at 1:32PM

    It’s hard to know I guess as a lot of “influence” is subconscious. I don’t have much time for podcasts etc sadly but I do speak to the other Hub Contributors in a group that we have, and one or two other groups – that’s probably my main source of outside influence. I try to remain open to others’ views but it’s important to then do your own research rather than just accept it blindly, and also to look at it in the context of your own team and also your own playing style.

  • @ronaldez

    Sep 16 at 10:54AM

    By the far the best Team Reveal articles because of the detail of your thought process. Thank you for sharing… and glad to know that even the elites take an 8pt hit! I feel so much better about my 4pt hit now! :-D

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