FPL Gameweek 4 Team Reveal | Rich Clarke

@RichClarke | Sat 11 Sep 2021

Win at Fantasy Football.

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  • @zmazhar

    Sep 9 at 6:39PM

    You’ll have Raphinha in your starting line-up despite the fact that he’s banned? Or is there something you know that I don’t?


    Sep 9 at 8:30PM

    hi – I’m not sure the requested ‘ban’ will hold up, but if it does he’s not going to be a cameo sub, hence I’m happy with Coufal or White or Livramento to play..


    Sep 9 at 10:43PM

    Chances of the requested ban not holding up is good news!

  • @Lofty1

    Sep 9 at 7:58PM

    Cheers Rich – sound article and well articulated rationale behind your decisions and choices. Really helps us all to learn from the best. All the best for this game week


    Sep 9 at 8:31PM

    Thanks Simon. Good luck to you too

  • @Mac Justin Gonsalves

    Sep 10 at 3:25PM

    Hi Rich, I’m trying to do the same switch Bruno -> Jota and Ings -> Ronaldo, it, however, shows a -1 out of budget, why so?

    @Big Burtha

    Sep 10 at 4:7PM

    Because you don’t have enough money obviously!
    If you have been copying his moves all season and wondering why you don’t have enough. It’s because he bought/sold players before the price changes.

    @Mac Justin Gonsalves

    Sep 10 at 4:28PM

    Got it, but Rich said he has 2 free transfers and 0.0m ITB, which is the same as me

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