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Matthew | Fri 01 Oct 2021
FPL Gameweek 7 Team Reveal


  • @asrk2698

    Sep 29 at 1:2AM

    Hey matt, great article!
    Just read klopp Saying Trent is Injured and likely to miss their city game as well now. So with shaw, taa, ayling all in doubt for your team, are you tempted now to wc? Or make any earlier than usual transfers given the situation?


    Sep 29 at 1:23AM

    And not to mention firmino subbed on 67th min of CL game and scoring a brace so now jota night be a doubt as well

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Sep 29 at 6:36AM

    Hi Matt, lots of things to ponder this week, re: injuries and which premium players to keep/ transfer.
    Dias or Cancelo not a good pick for your wanted list in addition to Rudiger?

  • @Hank1022

    Sep 29 at 9:40AM

    I guess Firmino scoring a brace in the CL threw a spanner in your works, I see a lot of fires to put out with 5 players possibly not starting, good luck!


    Sep 29 at 6:30PM

    You folks keep forgetting he has 2 subs and money in the bank to at least have 11 starters for this week while others recover in the international break.


    Sep 30 at 8:28AM

    That is only one part, there is also the fixture swing from Liverpool/United to Chelsea/City that needs to be taken advantage of (made alot easier with the Wildcard obviously)

  • @ivan_oglomov

    Sep 29 at 10:13AM

    I think I’ll wait for another week before WC. With my 2 FT I have replaced Shaw with Alonso and Ronaldo with Lukaku. Will keep the 352 formation for now, all midfielders (salah, sarr, benramha, raphinha and greenwood) are performing well. I am not fully convinced of greenwood, he might be gone soon. Attack looks solid with Antonio and Lukaku. Bit of concern with DEF with TAA injury (I have Duffy and Aying in the bench). Dennis could come up as a replcament for injured. What do you think?

  • @Big Burtha

    Sep 29 at 10:38AM

    Team looks in bits mate. I sense a WC this week. 7 players injured, off the boil or rotation risk.


    Sep 29 at 10:43AM

    Think that’s a bit harsh!?

    @Big Burtha

    Sep 29 at 2:12PM

    Relax, not slagging YOU off. Just saying half your players are fooked LOL

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Sep 29 at 11:9AM

    Hardly in bits BB ,
    67k in the overall standings, yes there are some tough decisions ahead but give Matthew a break, he’s done us all.proud thus far!

  • @topgunner

    Sep 29 at 2:15PM

    Shaw, Jota, TAA & Dennis > Rudiger, Luiz, Walker & Lukaku for a -8 is what really tempts me.. could hold off the wildcard to change when needed..


    Sep 29 at 6:33PM

    Knowing what I know of Matt I know he won’t go for another -8 when he just did that a couple of weeks back. I am certain he even go for a -4 this week.

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Sep 29 at 8:28PM

    Matthew are you planning to make The Shaw to Rudiger change immediately after the champions league matches tonight, assuming Rudiger doesn’t get injured, just wary of the price increase/ decrease for Rudiger/ shaw respectively ?

  • @FPL Comrade

    Sep 30 at 4:2PM

    Is it Shaw to Rudiger and Ronaldo to Lukaku time?


    Sep 30 at 4:51PM

    Thank you Matthew

  • @Lofty1

    Oct 1 at 6:59PM

    Thanks for your article Matthew. Tricky week for us all eh. I do like the way you have unpacked your decision masking here – it’s always so enjoyable and insightful to read. Look forward to reading your next article to find out what your final decisions have been / will be. All the best. Cheers

  • @Hank1022

    Oct 2 at 3:28AM

    Hi Matt, so with the latest news of Shaw making it to the squad and possibly starting, does this change your transfer plans or have you already pulled the trigger on selling him?

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