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Matthew | Fri 15 Oct 2021
Gameweek 8 FPL team reveal

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  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 11 at 9:0AM

    thanks for the update Matthew, always look forward to your thoughts/ plans. im just a bit confused as to why ive only 0.7 in the bank, whilst having the same team?

    @Big Burtha

    Oct 11 at 3:8PM

    It’s because he bought/sold players before the price changes. You did not.


    Oct 15 at 4:10PM

    I assume timing of moves

  • @Lofty1

    Oct 11 at 9:26PM

    Antonio – alonger term hold or not?


    Oct 15 at 4:9PM

    I think so

  • @Andy Stavridis

    Oct 12 at 10:41PM

    Any chance of wildcard this week Matt?


    Oct 15 at 4:9PM


  • @asrk2698

    Oct 15 at 2:39PM

    Hey Matt, you’ve made your move already? or are you gonna wait till the deadline just in case some news comes up about Liverpool’s possible lineup leak?


    Oct 15 at 4:8PM

    Not made the move yet, as per above.

  • @brenboy04

    Oct 15 at 2:46PM

    Rudiger to cancelo is not yet confirmed right ?


    Oct 15 at 4:9PM

    Not yet

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 15 at 4:19PM

    Hi Matt, will you definitely be confirming your move before midnight tonight or could it happen tomorrow morning?


    Oct 15 at 4:24PM

    Could be either, depending on likely price changes, ideally in the morning though

  • @Hank1022

    Oct 16 at 3:31AM

    Hi Matt,

    wouldn’t it be better to start Livramento ahead of Ralph since at best he would come off the bench and could end up with just 1 point?


    Oct 16 at 7:43AM

    Yeah maybe but the way he’s playing I think I’ll just start him

  • @brenboy04

    Oct 16 at 4:59AM

    Any news regarding your confirmed transfer matt ?


    Oct 16 at 7:43AM

    Yep Rudiger to Cancelo confirmed now

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 16 at 1:5PM

    Does Raphina become Sarr in terms of points scored seeing as he hasnt made the Leeds bench this afternoon, for Matthews team?, does anyone know?
    not that it will make much difference even if he does


    Oct 18 at 11:29AM

    yes, ,so sarr comes in for raphinha, livramento comes in for jota since both jota and raphinha didnt play

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