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Matthew | Fri 22 Oct 2021
fpl matthew team reveal gameweek 9


  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 20 at 9:22AM

    Hi Matthew another good week , which is becoming the ‘ norm ‘ now.
    I was a bit surprised to see that you transferred in Foden as there was no mention of it in your saturday morning update, so im sure a lot of your followers may not have included him as well?
    or have I missed something?


    Oct 20 at 9:31AM

    Hi, it was mentioned in that Foden was the one midfielder in my Most Wanted List, with Jota being on the “outlist” but, no, at the time I wrote the last article update I wasn’t planning to make that move, only when rumours of Jota being benched started circulating on Twitter in the minutes leading up to the deadline – I made the move with 6 minutes to deadline! In the end I would have been 4 points better not making the move but I’m glad to have got the move done.

  • @Big Burtha

    Oct 20 at 10:11AM

    Are you likely to press the button on Lukaku today as Ronaldo looks to be having a price drop tonight.


    Oct 20 at 11:42AM

    Yeah possibly if that till looks the case later and if Lukaku gets through tonight OK

  • @Elephant321

    Oct 20 at 10:13AM

    Thanks for the insights Matthew. Didn’t see the tip of switching Jota for Foden last week – is outside my price range/ budget now after price changes. Who would you recommend as a alternative as a replacement for Jota instead of Foden? Bernardo or Mbeumo? Who would have been your second pick to replace Jota?


    Oct 20 at 11:42AM

    I didn’t really have a second choice pick last week. Now, I guess it would be Mbeumo


    Oct 20 at 2:12PM

    Thanks Matthew – appreciate the response. Was leaning toward Mbeumo over Bernardo as feel he is more of an attacking threat (I know Bernardo scored at the weekend but seems to be more passive generally – the pass before the assist kind of thing). Mbeumo has been in good form as you say so will probably do that. The other alternative would be to bring in Lukaku for Rolando – as you are thinking of and would free up the funds that way, but not sure I like the idea of losing the flexibility to bring Ronaldo back…. He’ll inevitably get back in scoring form… Mbeumo is probably my better option

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 20 at 10:20AM

    yes a 2nd choice would be good as i think most of us are priced out of Jota- Foden now

  • @ivan_oglomov

    Oct 20 at 2:16PM

    Nice article as usual. I am planning to WC this week.
    What do you think of the choices below? My team is very similar to yours, so just mentioning some “differentials” here :)

    GK: Raya
    DEF: basically I have the same defense, with Duffy VS Livra and Chillwell already
    MID: Townsend and Brownhill to save for ATT. The rest is the usual Salah, Mbeumo, Raphina
    ATT: Antonio and Dennis out, Toney and Vardy in, Lukaku there already,



    Oct 20 at 6:11PM

    I can’t really argue with any of that – all decent choices


    Oct 20 at 4:33PM

    Thank you again Richard. Your thoughts basically confirm what i have been thinking. I got Chilwell in at 5.6 this week (and have Lukaku captain).
    I am also looking to bring in “The Brentford Two” in the next couple of weeks, losing Benrahma and Watkins to accommodate. Good luck to you too.


    Oct 20 at 6:12PM

    Richard? 😂 Sounds like you’ve got your moves worked out though!


    Oct 20 at 6:25PM

    OOPS sorry Matthew.

  • @asrk2698

    Oct 21 at 1:31AM

    Aaaaand just like that lukaku is injured and not sure for how long

  • @Dan Chapman

    Oct 21 at 7:18PM

    Who would you replace Lukaku with IF you had him in your team currently ?


    Oct 21 at 7:48PM

    One of Vardy, Kane (if you can afford) or Toney (and upgrade elsewhere). All good options I think.

  • @brenboy04

    Oct 22 at 1:38AM

    Hey matt. As I can’t afford foden when i sell jota, can I get mbeumo instead ? Then only i can afford foden after selling benrahma. Considering you move benrahma >>>> mbeumo

  • @Stir

    Oct 22 at 4:57AM

    Thinking of going either Jota to Havertz for a punt or Ronaldo to Vardy. Considering the Lukaku injury I’m interested to see what you prioritise now on your watchlist if any..

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 22 at 12:44PM

    who do people think will score more pts this week
    LIVRAMENTO (H) Burnley
    MBUEMO ( H) Leicester


    Oct 22 at 4:12PM


  • @Hank1022

    Oct 24 at 1:7AM

    Cheers Matthew, could you please update us on your final team and transfers done for this GW if you have some time? Also, do you think Mount is now a priority signing after his hatrick and easy incoming fixtures?

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