FPL Matthew Gameweek 2 Team Reveal

Matthew | Tue 17 Aug 2021
Gameweek 2 FPL team reveal


  • @asrk2698

    Aug 17 at 4:49PM

    Hey Mathew, great insight. Just wanted to check, since you didn’t put up a captaincy part of this article, are you not tempted by Bruno captain after their dominant performance against Leeds, and also salah having not scored against Burnley in his last 7 games?


    Aug 17 at 6:1PM

    Hi, thanks! I actually forgot to cover captaincy! Probably because I had pretty much decided before the season started that I would captain Salah these first couple of weeks so I didn’t give it a second thought! I’ve added a short section on that now, thanks


    Aug 17 at 6:15PM

    no worries mate, keep up the great work!


    Aug 17 at 6:28PM

    Have faith in the Egyptian King!

  • @Hank1022

    Aug 17 at 9:35PM

    Congrats on the near perfect start (Ayling on the bench probably caused a small dent to a dream start),,

    Looking ahead, are you planning on incorporating Big Luka or Kane into your team? I can imagine this will require surgery or probably dropping one of Bruno/Mo


    Aug 17 at 9:54PM

    Hi Hank, hope you’re doing well? Chelsea’s fixtures start getting good at GW7, around the time that Man United’s get difficult- so that could be convenient! As for Kane, we don’t really know where he’s going to end up.


    Aug 19 at 8:32AM

    Cheers, MJ! I’m doing great thanks

  • @Carl Neff

    Aug 18 at 2:3AM

    Hi Matthew – i noticed that you’re not following Paul Pogba. If he continues to play more of an attacking role, like he did three years ago, would you consider him? If you didn’t already have Mason Greenwood in your squad, would you opt for Pogba if you were choosing between the two? Greenwood seems to be more of a rotation risk once Rashford or Cavani return to the squad.


    Aug 21 at 10:45AM

    I just think that Pogba could return to a deeper role, need to see more evidence of this really.

  • @Martyn Justice

    Aug 18 at 2:50PM

    any thwart about getting Duffy for 4.0 mil


    Aug 21 at 10:44AM

    Nah, I can’t see him keeping his place long term. Might be wrong.

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Aug 18 at 3:25PM

    Really great start Matthew, ive never had 100pts after an opening gameweek on fpl.
    Its going to be tough to match it though in game week 2.
    Glad you opted for the same team though.


    Aug 21 at 10:45AM

    Good luck to us both this week then!

  • @Hogmeister

    Aug 21 at 10:20AM

    Yep, agree with all of that Matthew. Just like last year, we have an identical first XI going into GW2. Of course last year this was where it all went wrong (I was wildcarding within a few days of GW2 starting!), so hopefully GW2 goes a bit better for both of us this year!🤞😁


    Aug 21 at 10:44AM

    Don’t say that! 😂 What worries me is that a good gameweek is often followed by a bringing back down to earth, even with the same team! I’d take a “decent” Gameweek if you offered it to me now.

  • @ManchesthairUnited

    Aug 22 at 7:8PM

    Hi Matthew! Congrats on the great start.
    Any preliminary thoughts on transfers with the one game remaining?

  • @Grandy

    Aug 24 at 12:23AM

    Hi Mathew, I know that Benrahma is on your radar, are you tempted to transfer him for this game week as he is now getting very difficult to ignore…….?

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Aug 24 at 1:28PM

    Hi Matthew, another very solid points haul for GW2.
    Just wondered what your thoughts are re: Benrahma.
    if you are thinking about bringing him in would it be Brownhill and Toney making way for a bench fodder forward?

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