FPL Scouting Report: Adama Traore

Lens | Tue 31 Aug 2021


  • @Lofty1

    Aug 31 at 8:10PM

    Thanks mate…smart analysis. Helpful and agreed he is an exciting player to watch

  • @ronaldez

    Aug 31 at 9:22PM

    I found this quite an interesting article from a coaching point of view.

    Do you not think that what Traore ultimately needs is a load of shooting practice after a dribble/sprint drill through the middle? If he was previously played on the right wing for most of Nuno’s time, he’s simply not had the chance to practice or develop the ability to shoot while coming in from the left (or centre). It would seem like a very sensible thing to do during the international break (if he’s not gone away with Spain)!

    He should be able to work on a few different types of finishes (smash it via laces as you said, far post right footed side foot and (with his pace), a drop of the shoulder and round the keeper).

    My feeling is that Bruno Lage has specifically developed a quick release tactic where Traore is in a lot of space in the opposition half and has the chance to run at/challenge one/two defenders knowing that his pace and power will give him more than a 50% chance of winning those balls. So if he is a coach that is good enough to help him develop those great runs, will he not try and develop Traore’s finishing ability? Or is that something coaches think a player either has (or doesn’t have!) in his locker?

    Just as an aside, I know you’ve said in your last paragraph that you see Adama Traore’s best position is on the right and Bruno should put him back there but Trincao scored 9 goals and set up 13 assists in that position for Braga (2019/20).

    Sorry for the long reply. Just wanted to lay out my thoughts clearly! :-)

    Thanks again for a thought provoking article!


    Sep 7 at 1:28PM

    great analysis. thanks!

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