FPL Tips – Breaking The Template | Gameweek 4

@Hibbo_FPL | Thu 09 Sep 2021
fpl tips breaking the template gw4

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  • @redimp

    Sep 9 at 8:10PM

    Really like this piece. With all the conundrums facing FPL managers this week with a sudden influx of premium striking options they are any number of questions to try and answer on whether to Wildcard or not Wildcard, take points hits or no points hits. I;ve listened to podcasts and read articles all week and not got much closer, sometimes seeing some ‘to the point’ analysis really helps. This has given me a good insight into where to direct my decisions before 11am Saturday morning! Keep it up Hibbo


    Sep 9 at 8:52PM

    Hi Redimp,

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    The thoughts in the article had been on my mind over the IB because i wasn’t keen on the three premium sides I was seeing.

    I thought they missed some mid-priced value in all the positions really. Also I don’t think a third captain makes marginal gains verus the trade off of missing the mid priced value.

    It got me thinking about captaincy really for my team as im focusing on trying to maximise captaincy points as best I can and using a planner.

    A great point in the community this week was that the demand for Ronaldo & Lukaku as premiums has created depreciation on any other asset worth money (Nick Triggerlips) therefore switching premiums should be fine as long as you canget back to Ronaldo/Lukaku.

    Ownership on these others premiums is pretty surreal they will bang and haul in good fixtures. I like Ronaldo but im not sure hes a hold all season type anymore – I could be wrong. There are enough options to attack as long as the core of your team doesn’t need transfers but i think thats where a later wildcard comes in.


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