Ronaldo vs. Lukaku: FPL Gameweek 4 Tips

lukejerdy | Fri 03 Sep 2021
lukaku vs ronaldo gw4


  • @americansoccernut

    Sep 3 at 5:13PM

    Agree that Ronaldo has better career stats, and he may be the better choice, although for me the case is less clear. .75 goals per game for Ronaldo is his average, including the bundles of goals that he scored when he was younger. But I assume he is likely to be lower than his average, now that he is age 36. Its true that he has aged well, but at some point he has to start to decline. Will he down to .60 goals per game? Will Lukaku rise from .50 to .60 now that he’s with a strong Chelsea side with good servers like Havertz, Pulisic, James and Chilwell? The 2021-2022 “best premier player debate” has been more fun than in previous years!


    Sep 3 at 5:31PM

    All good points mate and I agree the best player debate is great fun this season! For me it is just Ronaldo’s sheer determination that stands out. Nobody comes close to him for work ethic. His numbers haven’t tailed off at all (he was top scorer in Serie A last season, ahead of Lukaku) and we have to stop thinking of him as ‘normal’ 36-year old footballer. His physique and overall fitness is incredible. Of course the time will come when he declines but he will know when that is, he knows his ability so well. His comments recently and performances reflect that.


    Sep 5 at 3:38PM

    thanks for the article and analysis. Your focus on Salah Lukaku and Ronaldo is solid for now – with this volatile season you’ll probably have to write a few more – it is possible that Kane jumps back in if he continues last season’s success with Tottenham, or Debruyne if he recovers well from his injury and racks up a lot of goals and assists with a high-powered Man City offense. And maybe Fernandez surprises everyone and sneaks back into the debate if he and Ronaldo develop some interesting chemistry!


    Sep 4 at 9:2AM

    Only question mark over Lukaku is whether he takes penalties if he does then he will have slightly more point than Ronaldo despite being 1m cheaper but if Lukaku doesn’t take penalties then Ronaldo is better option since Ronaldo will surely take penalties for ManUtd and ~5 extra goals will come from penalties

    And idk why people think Ronaldo hasn’t declined, he is playing far below is level since last 4-5 years, he’s physically fit but in terms of playing football he declined a lot and that is the reason why Madrid released him and Juventus also easily allowed him to go


    Sep 5 at 3:7AM

    good point on Lukaku. I agree with your point about Juventus and Real Madrid – he produces goals but doesn’t cover much ground off the ball anymore, which means someone else on the team has to make up for it – Juventus and Real see the decline in his total value – but from an FPL point of view, it doesn’t hurt his point totals. If Man U focuses on serving balls to him on a silver platter like Juventus did, then his FPL points will still be high. And it means his goals could largely come in lieu of his teammates goals rather than in addition too their goals.

  • @Lofty1

    Sep 3 at 8:31PM

    Both of them are fantastic and it will be a joy and privilege to watch them both. Either, or both if you can afford it, are solid all season keeper choices for teams. May the goals and assists begin, and fortune be forever in your favour……

  • @tannydjr

    Sep 4 at 8:52AM

    This is the worst article I have ever seen from FFH,

    1st point: 1 match doesn’t decide season long performance + it was Ireland

    2nd point: Ronaldo during his whole career was obviously better than Lukaku comparing their all time stats doesn’t matter, and now they are on same level and Lukaku being 1M cheaper is a better option

    But that being said the only point which might go in favour of Ronaldo is that he might be on penalties while for Chelsea it might be either Jorginho or Mount but if Lukaku takes penalties he’s easily better option


    Sep 4 at 9:0AM

    Well what a lovely comment to wake up to on a Saturday morning!

    I host a whole podcast and a specific extra podcast which goes into much more detail and depth into things like stats.

    I’m baffled why this has caused you so much anger.

    Viva Ronaldo! 😂


    Sep 4 at 8:37PM

    Thanks Luke for taking your time to write up this article, As you can see from the comments, like football about which we are all passionate about in our own way, it has generated some robust comments. These in no way reflect on the quality of your opinion piece. Rather they are indicative, or suggestive even, of the passions about which our beautiful game generates. Think of it as us all sitting in a pub somewhere discussing the same issue over a pint. Ha ha….all good everyone and we are all allowed our own opinion but also share our thoughts in a respectful manner. Thanks for the article Luke and look forward to your next one. Cheers

  • @Robert Harrington

    Sep 6 at 2:50PM

    It’s possible that Ronaldo is even better now, in Fpl terms because the big criticism of him at Juve was he’s only interested in goals and not too bothered about his team mates ,that may be exaggerated but if you’ve got him in your team and he’s got the option to pass or shoot I bet you’ll be screaming shoot 😆

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