Telegraph Fantasy Football Gameweek 2 Team Reveal | Paul McAnulty

Paul McAnulty | Thu 19 Aug 2021
telegraph fantasy football gameweek 3 team reveal

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  • @Lofty1

    Aug 20 at 2:57AM

    Thanks for the article Paul. Helpful to learn of your strategy and tactical approach. My main team got 60 points and I was stoked with it! I like that you are using the Mane position as your pivot point. Intrigued with your budget choices. Out of curiosity, I know your detailed your p/$/g approach n earlier pre-season article, but now the season is underway what guides your approach to transfers? Am 8nterested to learn and thanks for your reply

    @Paul McAnulty

    Aug 20 at 8:8AM

    Hi Lofty, good start for you.
    A combination of fixtures, form and price point. After 10 games or so I’ll run the p/£m/g and start using that too, will likely include my findings in a future article.


    Aug 20 at 9:8PM

    Thanks for your newer Paul. Yes pleased with my start (I typically start tortoise like lol). Thanks for sharing your strategy approach – helpful as Inlearn from the best. Using the Hub’s fixture ticker 10 games sounds about right. Gives time for teams t9 bed in so we don’t end up jumping on the bandwagons and burning transfers. Cheers Paul

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