The Best Ferran Torres FPL Replacements | Gameweek 7 Tips

FPL_JianBatra | Mon 27 Sep 2021
the best torres fpl replacements


  • @Thomas Pottiez

    Sep 27 at 1:13PM

    Hi @fpl_jianbatra

    Great article. Is there a specific reason why Sarr is not mentioned here?
    He has been scoring lately and the underlying stats also state that he is a good shout.
    Fixtures could be better, but he should still haul in the next couple of weeks (Leeds, Soton, Everton).



    Sep 28 at 2:30AM

    Hi Thomas.

    Appreciate the kind words, thank you.

    He’s been a brilliant asset for me but I think people are becoming slightly “tunnel visioned” when it comes to Watford. I think Watford are decent going forward but they have had the easiest two fixtures (three including Leeds). As such I only see a gradual decline in his attacking output and Watford’s performances.

    Very interested to see how they cope defending against more creative sides.

  • @ronaldez

    Sep 27 at 6:45PM

    As a current Torres owner, I found this article very unexpected but obviously quite interesting! While Thomas mentions Sarr, I was even more curious about Gallagher as he certainly seems to be a talisman for Crystal Palace and his fixtures are now decent!

    I’m actually considering keeping Torres for the good City run. He does seem to play the home games more to me and if he’s not in the hard games (Che/Liv away), surely he’ll get the easier games – and City do pretty well in those. Granted it’s still a risk but we know we take that whenever we buy a ManCity or Chelsea player!


    Sep 28 at 2:32AM

    Yeah I definitely understand why you would keep him, I’d be surprised if he starts all 3 of the easier games, and I’m really not a fan of players being benched.

    Gallagher could have very easily been in this list, Zaha edged it for me due to penalties and Viera’s comments. (as tonight showed us)

  • @Silver & Gold

    Sep 27 at 7:25PM

    Raphinha looks obvious. Still, I don’t feel comfortable with his injury. GW7 is just before the int’l brake. If he plays, he will go to play for Brazil, hence blank or bench appearance at best in GW8. For him not to go to America, he would need to be ruled out due to injury from GW7. What do you think?


    Sep 28 at 2:34AM

    With four such great fixtures, as a talisman in their side, cheap price and even if he only plays three…. still a bargain for your money in my opinion.

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