What is the FPL Triple Captain and When to use it?

Abdul Rehman | Sat 19 Feb 2022
FPL Triple Captain


  • @ronaldez

    Jul 16 at 7:32PM

    Why is it a good idea to activate a TC chip in the first week of the season? It seems the worst time to me because you don’t know who is in form and which defences are decent! I’ve never understood this logic. Is there a lot of evidence over the seasons that established teams pummel promoted teams in the first week of the season?

    If possible, I try to save it for the last week of the season because you know who has something to play for, you know which players are in form and you know which teams are relegated. I also find that it’s a nice potential ‘turbo boost’ to overtake any people if you need to. :-)

    @Adam Griffiths

    Feb 14 at 7:33PM

    Nobody said it was a good idea to use TC in 1st week…


    Feb 17 at 5:13AM

    Haha, fair enough1 It’s definitely not mentioned in this article but I’ve heard chatter about it in other FPL conversations for sure. I just wondered what the thought process was behind it – if he had heard about it.

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