Who are the Best FPL Budget Goalkeepers? Gameweek 1

Abdul Rehman | Tue 10 Aug 2021
FPL Budget Goalkeepers


  • @Worth The Hit

    Jun 29 at 10:36AM

    First article we have read after taking subscription this year, all eyes for a take it and settle GK indeed. Just wanted to check how is Brighton expected to fare in case they have a couple of exits from the back- Ben White already seems to be a highly probable exit.

  • @FPL_Red_Eagle

    Jul 15 at 10:59AM

    Excellent… These are actually the 4 goalkeepers i’m looking at. You did point out that Sanchez & Bachmann rotate but also Guaita & Dubravka are a perfect match for rotation giving us a choice from the start. Great job

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